Saturday, October 2, 2010

DIY Halloween Arrangement

Create an eye-catching Halloween arrangement from fallen branches or manzanita branches; insert them into a foam base in an old urn draped with Spanish moss. Spray-paint old Christmas ornaments and beaded trims; hang them up when dry.

Urn in desired size
-bag of marbles 
-floral foam 
-serrated knife 
-natural manzanita branches 
-garden snips 
-old Christmas ornaments and beaded garland
-Krylon spray paints: orange, green, black 
- seasonal ornaments as desired 
- Spanish moss.

1. Place a layer of marbles several inches thick in urn to weight down the base.
2. Cut foam to fit tightly inside urn, stopping about 2 inches from top.
3. Insert one or more branches into foam to create desired effect, trimming branches as needed to create desired shape.
4. Spray ornaments and garland with orange and green paints as desired; let dry. Lightly spray black paint on some ornaments for spooky look.
5. Hang ornaments as desired. Cut garland into assorted lengths and drape as desired. Hang acorns randomly on tree.
6. Cover any visible foam with Spanish moss; hang other bits of moss on branches

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